Nonsense about Reality

Statements such as "reality is nothing" or "reality is emptiness" are not the logical statements "reality = nothing" or "reality has the property of being empty". To interpret them as such is to miss the point they are trying to make. These statements are merely "fingers pointing at the moon". What you need to do is stop looking at the finger and try to see the moon.

The problem is that it's not very easy to state the insight. It's not easy to set it down in language.

Placing an interpretation on the senses requires one to take up a frame of reference. It's not possible to judge the relative "value" of two frames of reference without a third. Therefore frames of reference cannot be assigned an absolute value. The choice of an interpretation of the senses is therefore an arbitrary one. That is to say, the choice of definition of "reality" is arbitrary. In other words, "reality is illusion".